Commercial kitchens have some of the highest quality appliances, and cater to large groups of people, so its no wonder that they also have advanced fire suppression systems with a very stringent set of regulations set by manufacturers and local laws. I have worked on these systems for many years and strive to provide the best maintenance and the most skilled inspections to keep your kitchen and your patrons safe from any fire.

Semi-Annual System Maintenance 

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are required by law to be maintained by a trained professional technician every 6 months to comply with NFPA 96, NFPA 17-A, manufactures and local fire codes.

What to Expect

  • I will personally service, properly inspect, document and certify your kitchen fire suppression systems. A written report will be supplied at the conclusion of the inspection. I will assure the proper working order of your systems in case of emergency.
  • Allow me to give you peace of mind that your kitchen fire suppression is fully compliant.


  • Thinking of expanding?  Opening a new location?  We can also provide new systems installations, modifications, and upgrades to comply with current UL300 standards.