When the power goes off in a building, people look to the emergency lighting to guide them to safety. In a fire, emergency lighting is especially critical. It can help prevent panic, minimize injuries and protect lives. Unfortunately, emergency lights don’t always get the inspection and maintenance necessary to ensure that they will work when you needed it the most. I will perform the following services to assure that the emergency lightning system will operate properly if needed:

Monthly Inspections

  • According to NFPA101, your emergency lights and exit signs must undergo a 30-second test every month. Our technician will not only complete this test, they’ll also provide record keeping for the fire department and insurers.

Yearly inspections

  • NFPA101 also requires that emergency lights simulate being on battery backup for 90 minutes every year. Our technician will test the system motherboard, test the batteries, clean battery terminals and align the remote lights heads to the appropriate means of egress. Detailed record keeping will also be provided.